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All the wallpapers, banners, and pictures in frames were done by me Sue Wheeler. The frames, backgrounds, and graphics were made by the Founders of Joe's Sharing and Caring Society. The Blinkie was given to me by my friend Jennifer. The links below are to all the sites I have made IN HONOR OF VIN DIESEL. Go check them out and please sign my guest books. Also the link of the web site I did for the church I go to and links to Joe's Sharing and Caring Society, and  to our PSP Tutorial site is below also.

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( Ok girls here is #28. This site includes Vin's Biography plus a special page on Riddick, and a special page on the man behind Vin Diesel. And that is Mark Vincent. Enjoy and please sign my guest book. )

 (Happy Valentine's Day Vin Diesel)  ( Here is #26 my newest web site, enjoy)

 ( New )

Happy Birthday Vin Diesel page

Vin Diesel A Hard Worker

Vin Diesel Wallpapers

The Many Faces Of Vin Diesel


A Great Action Hero





 I hope you like all of the web sites I have made In Honor Of Vin Diesel. You are a great man and a great actor. This is all for you.
I know there hasn't been very many to sign my guest book. But there are fans who come in here to get their Vin Diesel fix.
I admire you Mark Vincent ( Vin Diesel ) for all the hard work you have done to get where you are today. I have never heard of any other actor or actress who has worked as hard as you have to get what you want. You have come a Long way baby.
I love you and may God continue to bless you in everything you do.
Sue Wheeler

Sue's Collection Of Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel Gallery

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